Committed to empowering learners of all ages to 

  take an active role in improving their communities.

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NEW! Service Learning Trainers Toolkit

A compilation of activities, tools, and research created by and for youth and adult trainers from across the country. Based in the K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice, the Service Learning Trainer’s Toolkit will enable adults and youth with service learning experience to train others in their schools and community.

Professional Development Trade Secrets:

Exploring the Service Learning Trainer’s Toolkit
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IGESL Publications and Resources

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NEW! C3: Connecting Curriculum Categories

An interactive game, modeled after Scattagories, that helps service learning practitioners discover opportunities to connect service to the curriculum. Fun for all ages!

YODA Best Practices CD

Resources and activities for helping youth prepare for and respond to emergencies in their communities through service learning.

Multiple Intelligence Reflection Cards

Help your students enhance the reflective element of their service learning experience. These reflection cards are designed to be used by students to enrich reflection while incorporating youth voice and reinforcing the wealth of learning that takes place during service learning.

Student Reflection Field Guide

This guide was created in an effort to help students engaged in service learning to reflect on the personal, social, and academic learning they experienced. It allows middle and high school students to explore qualities of leadership and character while providing opportunities for sharing through presentations, lessons and other activities included.

A How-To Guide to Reflection

This book explores the service learning movement. Service to the community is blended with academic learning in schools that, in turn, promote more meaningful forms of learning.

Discovering Citizenship through Community Development

The process for empowering youth ages 12-20 to become active citizens through participation in service learning projects is laid out in this easy to use facilitator’s guide. Activities, reflection strategies and evaluation tools are provided to take you from the first session with a group of young people at your school or organization to the final celebration in the community.

Intergenerational Service Learning Projects Facilitator’s Manual

This facilitator’s guide, originally designed to help teachers develop Intergenerational Oral History programs is full of activities that promote greater understanding and acceptance between youth and older adults. Creating a caring environment and breaking down “age stereotypes” are a few of the sensitivity activities described in this manual.

KIND: Kid Initiating Neighborhood Development Facilitator’s Manual

This “how to” guide for developing service learning projects with elementary age children is full of activities, ideas and tips. It directs the facilitator through the process of building a sense of community with participants, examining qualities of good citizens, researching communities for authentic needs, as well as, selecting, designing and implementing a project. Strategies for assessment and incorporating a variety of reflection activities are included.

Motivational Elements in Service Learning

This book explores the literature in the fields of education and business and establishes a relationship to motivation in service learning. Motivation in service learning is connected to meaningful service, feedback, reflection, recognition and celebration.

Read and Lead: Facilitator’s Guide

Cross-age tutoring can provide greater benefits than simply increasing  the reading level of a young child. By implementing the National Literacy Corps Lead & Read model, older youth develop leadership skills and character while promoting literacy in the community. This manual includes much more than the basics for cross-age tutoring. Strategies for training leaders, reflection activities for all learning styles, experiences that increase awareness of illiteracy, rubrics and resources are just a few of the things you’ll find. This manual is a must for anyone who facilitates cross age tutoring programs.